País Utopía


País Utopía is an ongoing archive that documents Puerto Rican grassroots initiatives organizing against U.S. colonialism and its historical consequences on the archipelago. Pais Utopía connects and maps these initiatives in order to build towards a new horizon.


We work towards laying an economic and political foundation from the ground up—  focus on land, food, art and community health. These concerns are deeply undervalued, yet can serve as keys to survival for people on the island and beyond.


País Utopía is designed and produced by Noemi Segarra of Piso Proyecto and Luna Olavarría Gallegos (Art.Exit).


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Re: Construcción


Re: Construcción is a three part, interactive multimedia exhibit. The work focuses on the legacy and impact of the Salvadoran Civil War as well as contemporary themes: transnational identity, intergenerational knowledge, and the societal effects of conflict. The exhibit is a transnational collaboration between individual artists, collectives, and community organizations that work with Salvadorans in the United States and El Salvador.


I worked as part of the Re:Construcción in 2016 and 2017 as a co-producer, curating the work exhibited as well as organizing the funding, booking and production logistics of the tour.


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Family of Survivors


Family of Survivors, produced in 2017, is a two-part project consisting of short stories and a family tree created from interviews from family members. The stories collected, transcribed, and re-contextualized plunged into issues of racial constructs, indigineity, Blackness, religion, war, infidelity and mental illness, yet all of these issues surfaced a greater question around family archive.


Who documents their families and how? My maternal family tree is maintained through the Catholic Church, yet my father's family has no such records. Less is documented, less is remembered. Family of Survivors was the first step in re-remembering my family's history.


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