My friend once told me archiving is breathing new life into things that are missed or unseen, and I have been striving to do so ever since.


I work in various modes— often times immaterial— to highlight, support and document the culture that drives the world. In a moment defined by climate change, growing class disparity and digitally-sustained obsession with the ego, I support creators and communities that cut through with bigger visions.





Luna Olavarría Gallegos is an anti-cyborg cyborg who grew up eating plátanos in the middle of the desert. She's a storyteller, technologist and archivist who works around themes of a dying internet and growing diaspora, and how they together affect worldwide culture.


She is the founder and director of the multimedia educational project developed in Havana, Cuba— AfroRazones— which confronts issues of digital accessibility and Black cultural production. In 2016 she co-founded Art Exit, the online platform that maps out corporate and political power in the art world. She co-produced Re:Construcción, the multimedia exhibition which archived the long-lasting affects of the decade-long Salvadoran civil war.


Her written pieces on music, race and technology have been published in outlets including The Guardian,The FADER and La Liga. As a curator, she has organized panels, showcases and film festivals that highlight the work of Black and Latin American artists. Luna is currently a graduate student at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.


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Contact: lunaog13 (at) gmail (dot) com